Top Business Careers – Marketing

Marketing careers entail advertising and public relations, market research, product management, retailing and non-profit careers as well. Marketing careers in advertising and public relations are some of the most popular marketing careers. If you have ever wanted to run your own style of advertisements on the television or radio, or have had great ideas on how to improve on current advertising, the marketing career of advertising would work out well for you. A career in advertising will allow a person to help manage the rollout of new products, advertising campaigns and much more.

Those who choose an advertising or public relations career will find themselves working to manage the public’s perception of certain products or services. These advertising jobs can pay very well, depending on the company you work for. A career in market research will be one that centers around figuring out what drives people to buy the things that they do. Market researchers can be defined as applied consumer behavioralists. These researchers will combine their quantitative data along with their understanding of how the market works so that they can better promote certain products or services. Some of the tools that are used by market researchers are mystery shopping, surveys, and analysis packages. Market researchers will have a range of salaries, depending on the company or employer that researcher is working for.

Marketing careers in product and brand management are good for those who like strategic and tactical style work. Product managers will be the ones who are responsible for marketing and development of products in their companies or businesses. Product managers will be responsible for positioning a product while assessing any and all competition. Product managers can be some of the best paid employees of the marketing industry. Retailing jobs and careers are the most abundant careers in the marketing industry. Those who are interested in careers that are people-oriented and fast paced will like careers in retail. Retail careers will have the widest range of pay of any careers in the marketing industry.

Discover The MLM Lead Generation That Will Change Your Business And Your Life

What is the best method for MLM lead generation? The answer to that question is that there are many network marketing strategies that are very effective and I will share those with you.

Ideally you should choose two techniques and get real good at them. You will see much better results if you follow that tip. But to get good at any one technique, you need the proper guidance in the form of a system that allows you to market your primary business as well as profit through multiple income streams.

And if you want the very best results with your primary company, having a unique site and not a replicated company website is absolutely a must. This will definitely set you apart from your competition. Period.

Here are some MLM tools that you can use starting today for your business:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Articles
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

If you are new to network marketing, I would suggest that you start out with some of the easier techniques such as social media, ie: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. This is a great way to gain explosive exposure because it has the ability to go viral.

Writing articles is a great way to generate leads and you can do it free of charge. All you need to do is create an article based upon what people are looking for. You will need to create an account with directories. A great place to start is with (If you feel you need some help with writing your first article, I would be more than happy to assist you.)

To get you started, do a search and start typing a word such as network marketing. When you see the word appear, you will also see some other words in addition to network marketing. Capitalize on the opportunity and write articles based upon this simple tip. I have gotten great results using that same technique and you can too.

As far as pay-per-click is concerned, unless you are very familiar with PPC and know how to effectively market using PPC, I would not advise using it because you can lose a LOT of money if you do not know what you are doing.

I would highly encourage you to seek the experts that can show you how to effectively use it, meaning showing you how to maximize your profits with simple techniques that they use to stay at the top of the search engines.

Once you understand how to utilize PPC, you can make a killing at it by dominating the competition. Certainly you will learn other MLM marketing tips.

Get rid of any doubt that you may have in your mind. The fact about the network marketing industry is that you have a choice.

Do you choose to be like 97% of the people who fail because they do not have experts to guide them to unbelievable success or like the 3% of the people who are able to create the kind of life they desire because they see the importance of having the mentors willing to share the entire blueprint? I hope you get my point because you really can achieve success. You can do this!

The Core of All Business Models: Marketing

All businesses across all industries can appear to be quite different in how business is conducted. Yet, once you delve below the surface, patterns become clear, and similar, if not the same models for revenue are used. Every for-profit business has a main objective: to generate sales of their products and services.

The Wrong Mindset

Personally, it troubles me when small businesses say things such as the following:

“Our marketing budget is $0.”
“We rely only on word of mouth or referrals.”
“We don’t need to market, we have too much work for the three of us right now.”

These statements not only hurt the individuals who say them, but it drastically limits the company and the company’s potential.

So What Is At the Core?

At the very core of all business models is marketing. How will the model generate interest to their target market in order to make sales, to solve problems and become profitable? Marketing.

Marketing can be disguised through the branding of the business, but really it is all the same. In general terms, a company has a product line that they are wanting to sell. Researching their target market, they find things that the brand and/or product or service can connect with on an emotional level with their market. The product or service may be tied to a season, and solve a problem caused by that season or time of year.

Creative Storytelling

Effective companies intertwine their marketing efforts through creative branding, storytelling and events. Good examples of companies with creative marketing could be Apple and Starbucks. The WWE, an entertainment company, follows this marketing model about as straight forward as you can. And it works well. The story is wrapped around set events throughout the year, with their superbowl event, Wrestlemania as the finale.

Each month their is an event, which builds on the last, as the story progresses towards the finale. You can pick up on how the monthly events are marketed through the storytelling from the broadcasters to the wrestlers. The event is set for a certain date and every revolves around that event for that month.

This is not unlike companies who create marketing campaigns around a product or service to build awareness. In any event, if your company is not creatively marketing your products and services and educating your target market on what your company can provide and how it can solve problems, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.