Small Business Internet Marketing – 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Your Business Online

As most offline business owners know, it is nearly essential for your business to have a website these days. Think about it: when you are looking for a product or service, how do you go about finding information about it? Do you flip through the yellow pages or magazines to find out what you want? Or do you simply go on the internet and conduct a search? Therefore, it is very important to have a nice website for your business.

But what if you already have a website for your business, and you’re not sure if it’s maximizing its potential in generating leads and sales for you? Here are 3 mistakes that you could be making in your online efforts.

1. Your website is not search engine optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial because it allows the search engines to find your website. In order for this to be effective, you need to know what keywords you are targeting and properly insert them into your title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, copy on your pages, etc. By having your website search engine optimized, you will be able to drive much more organic (free) traffic from search engines.

2. You don’t have a way to capture the contact information of visitors that visit your site. Once your site begins driving traffic to your site through SEO or any other traffic generation method, you need to establish a way to collect the contact information of the visitors to your site. You can generate lead capture forms by signing up for an autoresponder service, such as AWeber, and generate web forms for your site.

3. You are not providing an incentive for your visitors to give you their contact information. Simply having web forms on your site is not enough; you need to be able to entice people to give you their contact information. By offering some sort of incentive – free coupons, special discounts, free reports, etc. – in return for their contact information, you can drive more people to provide you with their information.

Email Marketing Systems – The Right Way To Do Business Email Marketing

You need a very good email marketing system in place to
build up enough trust with your subscribers before you can
sell to them. If you get this step wrong then your business
will suffer. If you do business email marketing the right
way then your business will definitely prosper. With the
increase in spam it is very important that you build up
enough credibility so that people will actually look
forward to your emails and not immediately delete them.

The first step is to actually get your emails delivered.
This means that you need to check them with spam filters to
ensure that they will not be identified as spam. If you use
an autoresponder like Getresponse then this will
automatically be done for you before you add your message
to your autoresponder.

Your first email will be the download link where your
subscriber can download the free report. It is very
important that this report only include the basic
information and serves to advertise your more advanced
product that they can purchase. Also introduce yourself and
use conversational language.

The second email will consist of the download link again in
case they have not received it and will also include a link
to the sales page.

The third email will answer the most frequently asked
questions about your product. This will ensure that your
customer support team have less questions to answer.

You can also include a mini five day course to build your
credibility as the expert after this. The next three to
four emails you need to be very aggressive and go for the

If you are using article marketing then you can go for the
sale immediately. You do not need to do the steps to build
a relationship as it is very likely that the subscriber has
read many of your articles before visiting your web site.

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